Q: Are your technicians certified or licensed professionals?

A: Yes. Please refer to the 'About Us' page for tech qualifications.

Q: What kind of equipment will you be using?

A: The latest in mobile ultrasound technology & EKG equipment

Q: How long does a screening take?

A: The actual screening is only between 5-10 minutes, but please plan on being at the event for up to 30 minutes for check-in and check-out procedures

Q: Do I have to remove my clothing?

A: Only your shirt needs to be removed, and females will not be removing bras. Button-up shirts are encouraged, and sports bras are recommended for females.

Q: Is the screening done in privacy or is it out in the open?

A: Screenings are done individually in complete privacy within enclosed areas

Q: Will female athletes be able to choose between a male or female technician?

A: While the lead echocardiogram technician is male, a female assistant will be available to supervise the screening if requested. A parent or guardian is also allowed inside the private screening area during the screening

Q: Is anything required prior to the screening, such as fasting or anything else?

A: No fasting is required for cardiac screenings

Q: What happens if I am late to my appointment, or if I have to cancel?

A: If late, you will be moved to the next available spot only if one becomes available. Please make an effort to be on time and show up for your screening to ensure that you do not lose your opportunity for a screening at this event. Limited appointments are available and fill up quickly. Please only book a screening if you are sure that you will be able to make it because someone else could have taken that spot and they will lose out. Thank you


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