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Check 1st was specifically established for the purpose of giving young athletes in the community convenient access to echocardiogram and EKG heart screenings in a concerted effort with schools and organizations to reduce the devastating occurrences of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Every year we hear about, or sometimes even personally encounter, tragic stories about one of our young athletes suffering a cardiac event, which has a mortality rate of 92%. Just about every occurrence of this happens to a victim who was completely oblivious of any existing, hidden heart abnormality.

Check 1st is a donation-only offshoot of our existing ultrasound early detection screening company Early Detection US Inc; San Gabriel Valley Health Screenings, which operates on a fee basis for full body early detection screenings of cancer, stroke, heart & organ disease. We provide this service for all ages in the community at a special affordable price so that anyone can afford to have a screening. When we first learned about SCA being the leading cause of death on high school campuses, we felt profoundly compelled to offer our services and expertise to the community for this cause on a purely voluntary donation basis.

Please take the time to learn more about Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Death (SCA/D) by clicking here. If you are interested in having a Check 1st cardiac screening event at a specific school or organization within the San Gabriel Valley, please direct them to our website, or contact us and let us now how we can help.


RCS (Registered Cardiac Sonographer)
RVS (Register Vascular Specialist) CCI
RDMS (Register Diagnostic Medical Sonographer) ARDMS
RVT (Register Vascular Technologist) ARDMS
3D, 4D

MBBS MD 2003 - FMD


Instructor at West Coast Ultrasound Institute

Ultrasound Technician
General/Vascular Technician
General Abdominal, Small Parts and Vascular (Lower/Upper Extremities).
Prepared a findings report for the Radiologist.

Cardio/vascular technician
Abdominal, Adult Echocardiography, Small Parts and Vascular
(Lower/Upper Extremities). Prepared a findings report for the

Echocardiography Technician
Perform Cardiovascular and EKG exams on diverse patients. Upload
findings to the PACS/DICOM system and prepare a finding report for the
Cardiologist. Ensure the patients comfort throughout the exam.


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